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Listed below are the hops that are used to make our different beers

First Gold
First Gold is a terrifically versatile aroma hop, perfect for more modern beer styles. 

A spicy, cedar, green tea aroma with sweet floral flavour notes.
As a bittering hop it provides a refreshing, full bodied rounded bitterness and as a late hop, it gives a very crisp and fruity character.

It has a wonderful, delicate, minty, grassy and slightly floral aroma.
Fuggle bittering characteristics are described as well rounded, classic and green tea.

Prized for its high bittering value, the aromatic nature is one of spice and citrus.

Intense but rounded citrus peel, orange, tangerine, floral, pine and lychee aromas.
Primarily used as an aroma hop, but delivers a smooth integrated bitterness.

Dual purpose hop.
A high alpha acid hop with a very unusual aroma profile. Chinook has a very strong grapefruit character in both the rub of the hop and in the beer. 

Willamette is one of the most popular hops amongst all types of brewers for its versatility and well-rounded aroma. The moderately spicy, floral and fruity notes compliment just about any style of beer

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